Queen Bee Gardens Honey Candies and Chocolate

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      For 40 years, Queen Bee Gardens of Lovell, Wyoming has delighted customers with their gourmet candy. The delectable confections sold by Queen Bee Gardens are crafted from pure, wholesome ingredients, including Wyoming clover honey.

      Queen Bee Gardens’ offers delicious gourmet honey candy for sale to both retail and wholesale customers throughout the continental United States. The popular Honeymoon chocolates from Queen Bee Gardens are coated in your choice of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or ivory chocolate, and feature a soft honey center and crunchy pecans, almonds or cashews.

      Honey, a natural source of energy and antioxidants, is a key ingredient in many of the company’s recipes. Queen Bee Gardens also sells whipped honey and honey toffee, not to mention their gourmet honey-sweetened caramels, like Caramel Kisses and the best-selling Pecan Pearl candies – always customer favorites!

      Bee Energy Bars are sweetened with honey, energized with ginseng and royal jelly, and dipped in healthy dark chocolate. They’re a naturally delicious gourmet candy for sale from Queen Bee Gardens that’s sure to provide a great taste and a boost of energy.

      Queen Bee Gardens offers health-conscious treats as well, many of which are made with honey rather than the empty calories of refined sugars. Their products are gluten-free, and Queen Bee Gardens also offers nut-free and carob candy.

      Queen Bee Gardens sells award-winning gourmet honey candy for sale, alongside Wyoming honey, truffles, chocolates, haystacks, almond bark and even beeswax. Gift boxes and wholesale gourmet candy orders are available, as well.

      To purchase tantalizing treats from Queen Bee Gardens or to learn about carrying their gourmet honey candy in your store, email queenbee@queenbeegardens.com or call them at 800-225-7553.