Honey and Wax

Honey and Wax

You can now get the best honey in the world,* in the size that fits you. Don’t want much, get our honey sticks. Each stick contains 5 grams of honey. They come in three different flavors, Mild Clover, Huckleberry and Strawberry Lemonade. Next is our 8 ounce jar. Not a lot of honey, but not a little either. This will easily cover your toast and oatmeal needs for at least a week. Do you want flavors on your toast or in your oatmeal? Try our whipped honey. They come in 9 ounce jars, in flavors of Huckleberry, Mild Clover, Raspberry and Cinnamon. I highly recommend the Cinnamon for oatmeal! Still not enough? Then you can jump to our 4 gallon bucket of honey. This monstrous bad boy bucket of honey should be enough to last you for at least a year. With 48 pounds of pure mild clover honey and a re-sealable lid, you cannot go wrong with this option. Plus, for a measly 200 dollars you get FREE SHIPPING!

Not looking for honey? Well our beeswax comes in 1 pound containers and is the cleanest, freshest beeswax this side of the Mississippi! Buy as many containers as you need, the bees are always making more! For all of your honey and wax needs, look no further!

*Noted by multiple people coming in and trying our honey…including a gentleman from Australia who claimed he had tried honey everywhere and he had never tried any that tasted like ours!

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  • Authentic Bees Wax


    1 lb. plastic containers of  beeswax....
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  • bucket of honey

    Bucket of Honey

    Lots of pure mild clover honey. 12 - 48 pounds to be exact!...
    $88.00$344.00 Select options
  • honey caramel sauce

    Honey Caramel Sauce

    Love at first taste!...
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  • Honey Sticks

    Mild Clover, Strawberry Lemonade or Huckleberry Honey Sticks...
    $12.00$32.00 Select options
  • Mild Clover Honey

    Mild clover Wyoming honey from Queen Bee Gardens' own bees!...
    $6.25 Add to cart
  • Whipped Honey

    Now in Cinnamon! Also in Mild Clover, Raspberry or Huckleber...
    $11.75$140.00 Select options