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The Mint

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The Mint

Our mints feature a pressed peppermint of oil in our pure, all natural honey, making it the perfect choice for an after dinner mint. Enjoy the creamy texture of honey infused candy balanced precisely with a touch of refreshing peppermint. Customers will look forward to grabbing an extra mint when they finish a meal or bringing a handful to work as an afternoon treat. A consistent crowd-pleaser, these mints are sure to be a hit and perfect for ordering by the bag, jar or case. Try some today!

We have a local restaurant that hands out these mints at the end of every meal they serve. If people don’t know what they are, or don’t want an after dinner mint, the servers then claim them as fair game and take them for themselves! We also have a Dark Mint Truffle, which is The Mint, mixed with dark chocolate, then dipped in dark chocolate. Try it, you will love it!



Honey, butter (pasteurized cream & salt), heavy cream, grade A non-fat dry milk, whey, natural flavors, natural peppermint oil, agar, algin & sunflower seed lecithin.
Nutritional Analysis
Avg. Wt.: 6.66 gr., calories: 33, protein: .18 gr., carbohydrates: 4 gr., fat: 1.75 gr., sodium: 11 mg.


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