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  • 100% Pure Beeswax Candles

    100% pure beeswax...
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  • bear climbing skep

    100% Pure Beeswax Candles – Bear Climbing Skep

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  • all milk

    All Milk Classic

    9 Truffles per box, 1.4 oz. each....
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  • almond bark

    Almond Bark

    Smooth and creamy milk, dark or "ivory" chocolate and almond...
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  • almond coconut

    Almond Coconut Classic

    9 Truffles per box, 1.4 oz. each....
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  • Almond Coconut Honey Caramel

    A 5.87 ounce bag has approx 25 pieces while a one pound bag ...
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  • almond honeymoons

    Almond Honeymoons

    Select from 25 Delicious Milk or Dark Chocolate Almond Honey...
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  • assorted chocolate truffles

    Assorted Chocolate Truffles

    A sampling of nine of our best selling truffles....
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  • energy bar

    Bee Energy Bar

    "Bee" Healthy, "Bee" Happy with Bee Energy! 15 bars to a ...
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  • bee-rific bar

    Bee-rific Bar

    Chocolate, Toffee, Almonds. 15 to a box....
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  • beehive blend

    Beehive Blend Honey Caramels and Pralines

    Beehive Blend Honey Caramels. A 5.87 ounce bag has approx...
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  • Authentic Bees Wax


    1 lb. plastic containers of  beeswax....
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