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  • strawberry lemonade

    Strawberry Lemonade Honey Caramel

    Like a pink starburst...but so much better! A 5.87 ounce ...
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  • The mint

    The Mint Honey Caramels

    MMMMinty! A 5.87 ounce bag has approx 25 pieces while a one...
    $8.00$110.50 Select options
  • toffee bars

    Toffee Bars

    Order from 20-40 honey English Toffee bars. These bars conta...
    $64.00$125.00 Select options
  • Toffee Bites

    Same great honey English Toffee now in bite sized pieces!...
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  • plastic rounds

    Tub-O-Honey Caramels, 8oz (35 pc)

    Tub-O-Honey Caramels, 8 oz (35 pc) 8 oz. in a handy conta...
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  • Whipped Honey

    Now in Cinnamon! Also in Mild Clover, Raspberry or Huckleber...
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