Lovell: Across from the Hyart in Lovell
244 East Main
Monday – Saturday
8 am – 4:30 pm

Greybull: At the light in Greybull
547 Greybull Avenue
Monday - Saturday 10-7
  • QBee Bars (3)

    QBee Bars
    Find your favorite energy bars at Queen Bee Gardens. Our all natural mixes of almonds, coconut, honey and dark chocolate, ...
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  • Truffles (9)

    Find your favorite truffles with pure honey sweetness and a mix of caramel, fruit, nuts and gourmet chocolate. Queen Bee ...
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  • Honey Caramels (14)

    Honey Caramels
    Honey Caramels Our Honey Caramels feature an incredible assortment of flavors, including Pecan Pearl, Almond Coconut, Caramel Apple, Caramel...
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  • Gift Boxes (9)

    Gift Boxes
    Queen Bee Gardens offers a large array of gift boxes from the simple to the extravagant. Priced from $8.50 to $49.99 there ...
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  • English Toffee (3)

    English Toffee
    English Toffee English Toffee in the morning is just honey. In a matter of a few hours that honey i...
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  • Organic (2)

    The best of the best. Truffles and honeymoons that are certified organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture.
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