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Candy Awards

Candy Awards for Queen Bee Gardens

Choctoberfest 2018 - People Like Our Candy!

People's Choice Award

Queen Bee Gardens entered their candy in a contest held by the Natural Nutritional Foods Association through 2005. As you can see by the results, people really like our confections!

Natural Nutritional Foods Association

People's Choice Award

While the contest is no longer held, Queen Bee Gardens still believes our natural honey confections are sure to satisfy candy lovers all over the United States.

The last couple of years of the contest, other confectioners would ask if we were entered in the contest or not. They knew they couldn’t win if we were entered, so they wouldn’t enter their confections. The last year we had to put one of our own products against the Midnight Gold truffle, just so they would hold the contest. After that, there wasn’t a contest.

We make great honey caramels and chocolates and come up with new recipes every year.


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  1. My friends & I just traveled through Cody stopped at a shop downtown that sold your fantastic candy. I think it was your Mom handing out samples, she was such a lovely lady. We loved the Honey candies, got a few for the rest of our trip, and a few other goodies. They are all fantastic, yummy candies. I think the honey, cinnamon & mint are my favorites. They will make great Christmas gifts.

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