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I especially love chocolate when it melts in my hands so I can lick my fingers. However, I can understand why companies would not want it to melt in my hands. In fact, M&M’s slogan states, “Melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” Melted chocolate is a mess that most people hope to avoid, especially those with kids.

Shiny Chocolates

Individually coated candies such as raisins, almonds, etc., are typically coated in something called shellac. Shellac is a resin that is received from the secretion of a female insect called the lac bug. The shellac is sold as dry flakes and is melted into liquid to be used as a wood finish, brush-on colorant, and even food glaze. The colorful shell around many candy favorites is actually bug feces.

Here is a list of some products that use shellac.

Melting Chocolates

Most companies do not want their candy melting in wrappers. It would not look good if you bought a chocolate bar that was melted at the store. However, I must believe that these companies could think of a better solution to prevent chocolates from melting.

During WWII, bentonite was added to chocolate and sent to the troops to prevent melting.

Bentonite does exactly what it is supposed to do when it comes to chocolate. It helps chocolate not to melt at higher temperatures. If it does melt, it contains it just like it clumps things together in a litter box. You also can’t say that bentonite isn’t an all-natural ingredient. It is mined out of the ground not far from Queen Bee Gardens. I remember growing up reading Bentonite on the label of a Snickers bar which was eventually changed to “natural emulsifier” and now reads, “egg whites.”

Shiny and Melting Chocolates

Nutrition Unplugged claims that “Chocolate and clay is a winning combination. The slightly chalky texture really adds to the chocolate and makes it less waxy.” I ask: Who wants wax in their chocolate?
Paraffin wax is an approved additive by the FDA which is a petroleum product ‘obtained from crude petroleum.’ Many companies will tell you that adding paraffin wax is common and that the wax is edible. It is added to give candy a glossy finish and prevent it from melting.

Real Chocolate

The only way to stop consuming products with shellac and wax is to do a side by side taste test comparison of chocolates that do not. Once you taste a high quality chocolate, you will start to develop a taste for the ingredients which touch on 1,000 of your taste buds versus 100-30queenbee0 with most foods.

In 1991, Queen Bee Gardens beat Nestle in a taste test contest for the concept of a “turtle” candy which is typically made of pecans, chocolate, and caramel. Our “turtles” are now called honeymoons because they are made with honey and are round like a full moon. I have hopes that everyone will be able to try our honeymoons and compare them to the taste of Nestles Turtles. Queen Bee Gardens is confident that our honeymoons will impress as they do not contain shellac, bentonite, or wax.

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