Queen Bee Gardens will be at the

Cody Outdoor Show on

Friday May 13th and Saturday May 14th 2016.

You may be thinking to yourself, what does all natural honey caramels and chocolates have to do with outdoors? Hunting, fishing, hiking, nature. There isn’t a better fit that Queen Bee. Sure, we aren’t providing gear, tents, protection, or even taxidermy heads. What we offer is something that we hope you will always have on hand, but never use. Emergency preparedness. The best thing to have in your glove compartment when you are stuck out in the middle of wonderful Wyoming is a pack of honey sticks. Instant energy, with all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids to sustain life. And it never goes bad. Think about that. You never have to rotate it out, you never have to replace it unless you run out. Honey sticks will always be there, waiting patiently, for when they are needed.

But that isn’t all! We also have quick energy Bee Energy Bars! All the benefits of honey plus ginseng, royal jelly, cranberries, oats, almonds and coconut. Everyone already knows the benefits of ginseng, but what about royal jelly? Royal jelly is fed to the queen bee her entire life, but only fed to the rest of the bees for the first few days. The queen lives 200 times longer than the worker bees! The Bee Energy bars have a shelf life of 1 year! That is 4 times LONGER than most Queen Bee products, so it is another great inclusion to your hunting, fishing or hiking routine. But don’t just take my word for it, read a few rave reviews:

Be-energy candy tastes so amazing, and makes the best running fuel for my long runs. My husband takes them when mountain biking. The energy is so great, it clears my head, and keeps me going strong. Thank you for this wonderful product, I look forward to enjoying it on all my adventures.


this energy bar is great. great tasting, filling, after eating three to four hours still full with high energy. everybody should try this energy bar.


I look forward to seeing everyone at the Cody Outdoor Show and hope that you add Queen Bee Gardens to your essential list when enjoying the great outdoors!

To read all the technical stuff go here: https://queenbeegardens.com/product/bee-energy-bar/

The benefits are pretty straight forward. Eat royal jelly, live longer…if you are a bee. The results on humans are untested. But there are many that swear by it.


Webmd specifically states that royal jelly is used “for fighting the effects of aging.” But please follow the cautions. If you are allergic to bees, bee pollen or just have allergies, royal jelly can have an adverse effect on you. Please check with your doctor before including royal jelly in your diet.