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What to do with hard, sugared or crystallized honey.

Tip #1:

When honey hardens, crystallizes, sugars (these are just a few terms) it means the honey is pure and unprocessed. You want this! The only problem is most do not know what to do with honey after this happens. Some believe the honey has gone bad! This is not the case. Here are a few tips on how to re-liquefy honey so it is in a usable state.
1) Fill a bowl with hot water, about 120 degrees. Set the jar of honey into the water so the water comes up to just below the bottom of the lid. Let sit in warm water until the honey is a liquid again. (You may have to empty the bowl of water and add more hot water 2-3 times).
2) For bigger containers, set oven temperature to 90 degrees. Put container into the oven for a few hours or even overnight.
3) On a sunny day, set the container of honey in the car in direct sun light. You can also use a window sill. Do this each sunny day until liquefied. (This one works best for honeysticks or honey straws.)
4) Put container of honey in front of a heater vent. Never put directly on the vent. Rotated the jar of honey every hour or so until the honey has become a liquid.
Each time honey is warmed and re-liquefied it will darken just a little. This is normal and the honey is still just as good and usable as the first day it was purchased.
Now, let’s all go to the cupboard and pull out that jar of honey that has been sitting there hard as a rock for the last few years. 

The jar of honey to the left has crystallized. The jar of honey to the right has been re-liquefied using the 120 degree water procedure.

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