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Health Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon are both sweet in taste but something else is sweet about these two ingredients, and that is the incredible health benefits that come with both. Honey and cinnamon have both proven to be delicious, but they are also proving their worth when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Queen Bee typically creates honey caramels and an assortment of honey candy, but we also recognize the wide variety of health benefits honey alone has to offer.

Many of us find ourselves battling allergies, buying medicine several times a week and going through boxes of tissues in just a few short days. If you suffer from pollen allergies in particular, honey can help fight off those allergies. Local and raw honey contains traces of pollen. However, it is believed if you consume local honey that contains the same pollen impacting your allergies, you slowly become accustomed to that specific pollen, lessening your allergy symptoms.  This concept is similar to the concept of a vaccine, meaning if your body is given a little bit of something, it will learn how to fight it off.

Honey and cinnamon also have a tremendous amount of health and wellness benefiCinnamon Whipped Honeyts. Some of the benefits this power couple provides are believed to be stronger immune systems, assistance with weight loss, fighting off acne, and fighting illnesses including heart disease, arthritis, and more. Both honey and cinnamon are packed with vitamins and minerals to help aide health issues, especially when combined together. Along with our honey caramels and honey candy, Queen Bee is now offering “Cinnamon Wipped Honey.” This can be used the same way you would use standard honey, whether you spread it onto toast, drizzle onto pancakes, or stir it into your favorite tea.  These two are the perfect combination for our taste buds and our well-being.

In Australia, honey is even considered medicinal. Australia has a plant species called Leptospermum. The honey that comes from this plant has high antibacterial qualities, which has made this honey very important for Australians health care professionals. The honey that comes from this plant, Manuka Honey, kills bacteria and has been known to heal injuries and infections. It is known, specifically, as a healing honey now in Australia and is becoming popular throughout the world and the demand for it is growing.

Honey and cinnamon are partners in the fight for wellness, with plenty of benefits both individually and together. Along with our honey caramels and honey candy at Queen Bee, we offer mild clover honey, honey sticks, and even buckets of honey available for purchase. The benefits of both honey and cinnamon are undeniable, we hope they stick!

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