Shop our hand dipped Honeymoons and see why they are award-winning! These bee-rific creations are available in milk or dark chocolate with pecans, cashews or almonds and “ivory” chocolate with pecans and cashews. Once contested by Nestle themselves, our honeymoons are preferred over the biggest giants in the candy industry.

To create a perfect honeymoon, we start with honey, a lot of it. Sixty-five pounds to be exact! After mixing in diced pecans we hand cut out each hexagonal shape and hand dip them in your favorite, non-wax filled chocolate. We then place the honey chocolate mixture on a bed of sublime nuts. The melted chocolate envelopes the nuts and holds it all together.

For a special treat, try the 9/8/8 mix. Your 25 count box will come with 9 milk chocolate pecan, 8 dark chocolate pecan and 8 “ivory” chocolate pecan honeymoons!

Imagine the difference between the firm chocolate, the soft caramel honey center and the crunch of the pecans. It’s an immaculately beautiful taste sandwich.

OK, stop imagining and get some of these amazing honey candies already!

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