Find your favorite truffles with pure honey sweetness and a mix of caramel, fruit, nuts and gourmet chocolate. Queen Bee Gardens creates the perfect mixture of savory and sweet with a twist of honey in each decadent chocolate. Choose from milk or dark chocolate, each blended with natural fruit flavors and nuts, and sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Queen Bee Gardens uses the purest chocolate, honey, fruit and nuts to make each truffle a miniature dessert delicacy. If you like dark chocolate, try the Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, Bark Forest Classic, Dark on Dark Classic, Dark Raspberry Classic or Dark French Truffle. If you like the sweeter, lighter milk chocolate, give the Caramel Classic, Cherry Classic, All Milk Classic or one of their many others a try. You can even find white chocolate truffles, served up with subtle hints of vanilla and raspberry.

Order a box of your favorite nine truffles to enjoy during the holidays, or give a package of these great confections as a gift to friends or family – or yourself! Try an assorted box to taste nine different flavors. Order yours online now or find a Queen Bee Gardens store near you and stop in today.

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