Beeswax Candles – 100% Pure

Choose from one of our many 100% pure beeswax candles. People claim they help in all sorts of ways.

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Beeswax Candles – 100% Pure

Try one of our 27 different Beeswax Candles, made with 100% pure beeswax!

Bees are amazing creatures. They are the only insect which makes something consumed by humans. We use honey, wax, pollen and royal jelly, all collected from our bees. How cool is that? Honey is basically bee vomit, wax is basically bee dandruff. Pollen is an accidental happening from collecting nectar. I don’t even want to know what Royal Jelly basically is!

You may be able to get honey, candles and wax cheaper somewhere else on the internet. But there is no corn syrup in our honey, no paraffin, colors or scents in our wax and we picked out as many bee parts as we could see from the pollen! Basically, if you want the best bee products out there, you are in the right place.

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1 review for Beeswax Candles – 100% Pure

  1. Francine

    In October we were driving through town on a road trip and were directed to stop in at Queen Bee Gardens.
    While looking around I saw candles with a whole sheet of issues the honey candles help with . Having a dear friend with lung cancer and severe allergies, I thought I’ll get her a candle, not really thinking it would really do much good.
    Well, she lights the candle every night and is able to breathe and sleep with ease, and just about daily she thanks me for the candle.
    I have allergies beyond and called to order more candles for myself, my friend with the lung cancer and severe allergies even tho her first one has a way to go and for several other people.
    Jason who makes the candles, a very nice young man by the way, returned my call and more candles are on the way.
    Thank you for this product that really does what it says.
    For your kindness and great customer service.
    And the candies and honey are amazing too. But, the candles a must have for those you love.

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