Pecan Honeymoons

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Pecan Honeymoons

Our Pecan Honeymoons are our award-winning chocolates- available in milk, dark or “ivory” chocolate. Experience the perfect blend of firm chocolate, soft honey center and crunchy pecans with our delectable Pecan Honeymoons. Once contested by Nestle themselves, our honeymoons are preferred over the biggest giants in the candy industry. This treat packs a flavor backed by a tried and true recipe. And as always, our honeymoons are made with all-natural mild clover Wyoming honey, ensuring you receive a quality candy treat with every bite.

At a show in New York, Queen Bee Gardens’ “chocolate turtle” beat out Nestle’s “chocolate turtle” in a taste test contest. By the time they got home there was a letter from Nestle saying to change the name or they would take us to court. We now call turtles “honeymoons” because they are made with honey. My vote was to call them “tortoises,” but I was 11 at the time and didn’t have a vote! See the actual letter below.


Nestle Letter


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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 12 x 12 x 4 in


Honey, milk, dark or "ivory" chocolate, pecans, butter (pasteurized cream, salt), heavy cream, nonfat dry milk, whey, pure vanilla, soya lecithin, algin, agar, and natural flavors.
Serving: 1.44 oz., calories 241, fat 16.8 g., protein 2.9g., carbohydrates 19.6g., sodium .33 mg.

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