Butterscotch Honey Caramel

Enjoy Butterscotch Honey Caramels a little…or a lot! A 5.87 ounce bag has approx 25 pieces while a one pound bag has about 70.


Butterscotch Honey Caramel

Mmmm. Need we say more? It’s Butterscotch! Those that like it, will love this. Unlike what you are used to, this is a softer butterscotch, without the hard shell. We like it better that way, but we are a little biased! Enjoy a Butterscotch Honey Caramel today!


5.87 oz. bag, 1 lb. bag, 3 lb. bag, 6 lb. bag


Ingredients: Honey, Butter (Pasteurized Cream & Salt), Cream, Grade A Non-Fat Dry Milk, milk, Contains less than 1% of whey, natural flavors, sunflower lecithin, algin, agar, pecans, almonds & coconut.


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