Cinna-Honey Honey Caramel

Award winning for a reason. A 5.87 ounce bag has approx 25 pieces while a one pound bag has about 70.


Cinna-Honey Honey Caramel

Try our award winning Cinna-Honey Honey Caramel! Our Cinna-Honey is honey and cinnamon essence oil mixed to perfection for a treat that’s HOT. Unlike anything else at Queen Bee Gardens, this honey caramel will knock your socks off! How do we get it that color of red? Believe it or not, we use beet juice. Knowing that, while you eat one, if you concentrate hard enough, you can taste just a bit of beet flavor coming through, but only if you concentrate. If not, the cinnamon oil will over power every sense. That is one of the reasons we don’t have the Cinna-Honey in the Beehive Blend, it likes to transfer cinnamon flavor to the other honey caramels.



Ingredients: Honey, Butter (Pasteurized Cream & Salt), Cream, Grade A Non-Fat Dry Milk, milk, Contains less than 1% of whey, sunflower lecithin, algin, agar, Cinnamon Oil, Natural Color, pecans, almonds & coconut.


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