Freeze Dried English Toffee



Freeze Dried English Toffee

This freeze dried English Toffee is supposed to last 25 years in the bag on the shelf. But who are we kidding, it tastes too good for it to last that long!

This is by far the healthiest freeze dried candy on the market. It is made of a whopping 74% honey and has no other sweetener whatsoever. It is 100% all natural and gluten free. It does NOT contain soy, corn syrup, GMO’s, Red 40, Blue 1, Yellow 5, or any other artificial colors or flavors.

Comes in one Mylar bag with oxygen pack. Bag contains 2 ounces of freeze dried toffee.

Weight3 oz
Dimensions6 × 2 × 7 in


Ingredients: Honey, almonds, butter (pasteurized cream, salt) natural flavors, Contains less than 1% of milk, salt and baking soda. Net Wt. 2 oz. (84 g)


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