Honeymoon Patties

Taste the uniqueness of honey sweetened.


Honeymoon Patties

Our Honeymoon Patties deliver the same great taste as the honeymoons, but in bite sized pieces. Enjoy 8 oz. of delicious honey caramel covered in milk or dark chocolate. The patties are still your beloved candy; packaged in a clear, tamper proof container, these bite sized treats are only small in appearance.  Experience the perfect blend of firm chocolate, soft honey center and crunchy pecans with our delectable mini-sized Honeymoon Patties.

Imagine the difference between the firm chocolate, the soft caramel honey center and the crunch of the pecans. It’s an immaculately beautiful taste sandwich.

Imagine the flavor and texture dancing on your tongue.

Stop imagining and just get some already!

Bring home some patties today! A serving size is approximately 2 pieces, 6 servings per container.

Contains: Milk, pecans, almonds & coconut.



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