Huckleberry Honey Caramel

A 5.87 ounce bag has approx 25 pieces while a one pound bag has about 70. A 3 pound bag has about 210 and a 6 pound bag has about…you guessed it 420!


Huckleberry Honey Caramel

Our Huckleberry Honey Caramel is a sweet blend of huckleberries and honey. As always, this product is all natural and gluten free. Please check “Our Ingredients” page to see how many of our products are all natural and gluten free. Honeylicious in every bite! Each honey caramel is 60%-65% honey. Try a Huckleberry Honey Caramel today, you won’t be disappointed!

We premiered our Huckleberry at our 2013 tasting day with excellent reviews and some threats…it took a little more than six months to get it into full production and constantly people would ask when it would be made and threaten us if we didn’t make it, and make it soon. We have since satisfied all threats! Click here to learn what a huckleberry is.



Ingredients: Honey, Butter (Pasteurized Cream & Salt), Cream, Grade A Non-Fat Dry Milk, milk, Contains less than 1% of whey, natural flavors, sunflower lecithin, algin, agar, pecans, almonds & coconut.


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