QBEE Honeymoon Gift Box 12 pc

Twelve assorted QBEE Honeymoons.

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QBEE Honeymoon (Turtle) Gift Box – Dark, Milk & White Chocolate with Pecans & Almonds – 12 pc – 9 oz

Our Honeymoon Gift Box is 9 ounces of milk, dark and “ivory” chocolate mini Honeymoons with an assortment of pecans & almonds.

What is a honeymoon? The world calls them “turtles;” we call them honeymoons. Click on this link to read the story!

Imagine an impeccable honey caramel (our award winning Pecan Pearl with a few more chopped pecans and more caramel), dipped in the purest chocolate and put on a bed of sublime nuts. The melted chocolate envelopes around the nuts and holds it all together.

Taste the distinction in our honey caramel center.

Taste the uniqueness of pure chocolate without waxes and fillers. We don’t use compound chocolate, even when enrobing. We temper everything. Our chocolate does melt at room temperature. It will melt in your hand and in your mouth.

Imagine the flavor and texture dancing on your tongue.

Stop imagining and just get some already!

Contains: Milk, pecan & almonds.

Weight32 oz
Dimensions10 × 6.5 × 1.5 in


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