A QBEE Valentines Heart 16 pc, 7 oz

QBEE Valentines Heart contains 16 pieces of wonderful honey goodness. 7 oz

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QBEE Valentines Heart 16 pc, 7 oz

Queen Bee’s Valentines Heart is a luscious mixture of all the best things that should be in a valentine. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! The heart is big enough, with 16 pieces, to share; yet small enough to keep all to yourself! Enclosed are some of our award winning and best selling confections. Dark on Dark truffle: the People’s Choice winner of 2003,  Midnight Gold:  winner in 2005 and on top of all that are some really good, but not award winning…yet,  chocolates. My personal favorite, the Caramel truffle, a newer truffle, Dark Raspberry, which is just like the Raspberry, but in healthier dark chocolate and Almond Coconut truffle a perfect blend of almonds and coconut.


Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2.5 in
Valentine Boxes

Valentine Heart, Valentine Box


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