Toffee Bites

Same great honey English Toffee now in bite sized pieces! 75 to a jar.



Toffee Bites

Milk or Dark Toffee Bites now come individually wrapped!

75 to a jar.

Toffee Bites are 42% honey, all natural and gluten free.

Delectable, crunchy honey sweetened toffee that’s rich and buttery and covered with the finest chocolate then sprinkled with chopped almonds.

Toffee in the morning is just honey. In a matter of a few hours that honey is transformed to toffee which is laid out on a cooling table and cut to size. It is then ran through an enrober, coming out the other side covered in chocolate. That wet chocolate is sprinkled with almonds as it travels down a conveyor belt. By the time it comes out the other end of a cooling tunnel it is dry and ready to be packaged. It is then transported to the flow wrapper which individually wraps the toffee bites at speeds up to 300 pieces a minute. They then are ready to be shipped to your doorstep to be enjoyed by you! To think, just a few hours ago it was honey!


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Ingredients: Honey, dark chocolate (sugar, chocolate liquor processed with potassium carbonate, cocoa butter, milk fat [butter], sunflower lecithin, pure vanilla), or milk chocolate (sugar, milk, cocoa butter, chocolate liquor, lecithin and pure vanilla), almonds, butter (pasteurized cream, salt), natural flavors, salt and baking soda.


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