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Honey candy vs other sweetened candy

Sometimes people scoff at the prices of our candy. They ask, why is it so expensive? Well, the answer really is sweet, as in which sweetener do you use? White, refined, gmo sugar banks in at about $.25 cents per pound. Honey, on the other hand, averages $2.00 a pound. The math is pretty simple. If we used 65 pounds of sugar in one of our batches, the cost of the sugar equals a whopping $16.25. But since we use 65 pounds of honey in each batch we make, more than half of the total weight of the candy, it costs us $130. That is a difference of 113.75 just in the cost of the main ingredient. So, when you look at the cost of the honey candy and wonder why a bag of tootsie rolls cost a buck, well, now you know.

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